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Miniature Gardening Supplies, Fairy Garden Supplies, Fairy Gardening, Miniature Gardening[/caption] Miniature Garden Supplies, a division of The Landscape Connection of Rockford, Illinois, specializes in selling miniature gardening supplies, including miniature plants, miniature planters, miniature terrariums and miniature garden props needed for these enchanted miniature habitats.

Let your imagination run wild when creating your own personal miniature garden or fairy garden, by incorporating fantastical miniature characters and awe-inspiring miniature garden props along with natural elements such as miniature plants, stones, water, moss, branches, leaves, flowers and so much more!

Miniature Gardens are taking the world by storm and Miniature Garden Supplies can deliver on all of the Miniature Garden Supplies you will ever need – and we can do it fast!!

Miniature Gardens are tiny, small gardens, grown inside and outside, containing fairies, gnomes, gnome style miniature houses and other structures – all surrounded by real, living, miniature plants. Fairy Gardens and Miniature Gardens are especially designed to let your mind and ambitions wander – a truly enjoyable, year round hobby. Fairies and gnomes have also been known to bring good luck to your home. Fairy Gardens and Miniature Gardens are tiny spaces that you – and even your kids – will love and cherish forever. The details and themes that you can come up with for your new Fairy Garden or Miniature Garden are limited only by your imagination.

Visit our online Miniature Garden Supplies Center at an enjoy a secure shopping experience filled to the brim with all of the items you will need to make your Miniature Garden a real hit!