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Who is Fairy Garden Gifts.com?

Fairy Garden Gifts.com is an online segment of The Landscape Connection. We are located at 4472 South Mulford Road in beautiful Rockford, Illinois. The Landscape Connection is a 20 acre garden/greenhouse facility that we have developed in the the last 3 years. Our business began as a service business on may 6, 2001 as a service to our local community with myself and 1 employee and has grown every year to what is now a staff of 45 and growing. This facility and our service to you are simply put, our heart and desire to serve others and help find ways to build relationships. We are committed to serving you and seeking to find ways to ever increase our effectiveness to help share and develop ways to share relationship.

We have a great gift in life and we must find ways to share it with others. It is what we are created for. To share relationship in faith, family and friendship is what it is all about. Anytime we can help you in that, we are serving with purpose. I hope you can share in this by developing your gifts and passions to share with others and I hope we can help in some small way.

Our business is born of a desire to improve connectivity first with our Creator and then with those that we share this life with. My wife Michelle and myself, Glenn Cox, will continue to seek to serve our community and our family and friends as best as we possibly can with great products, training, service and environment. I hope you can be apart of that circle.

What is a Fairy Garden?

Fairy Garden is a term that has been widely associated with miniature gardens. These are miniature scale living gardens that have a theme. They are often adorned with characters and pieces that may represent a memory or a imaginative spirit of the designer. They are typically in a transportable container and are designed to be living part of your home.
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